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Started by a creative team in Canada, the Leaf collection was made for you in mind.  That might seem like  a dream come true considering how painstaking the search for the perfect sex toy can be and, frankly, the Leaf collection is not perfect but what it does offer is comfort and added sensation in all the right places.  Whether we’re talking about the bulbous-tipped, dual vibrating Bloom or the smoothly sculpted Fresh, each style in the Leaf collection offers a deep, penetrating sensation and  is aesthetically pleasing.  While I was a little torn about which style to get at first, I decided to go with Life because of its interesting contours and undeniable charm.

If you know me well, you know that I’m a sucker for luxury sex toys and this is definitely one of them.  BMS Enterprises, the manufacturer behind the Leaf collection, has never really been affiliated with luxury toys and has never made anything noteworthy enough for me to be totally blown away, but this collection is a step in the right direction.

The packaging alone is practically bathing in eco-friendly style with its recyclable box, compact manual and dainty natural canvas tote. After oggling at the packaging for way longer than I needed to it was time to actually check out the toy behind the intrigue.

Life comes in a vibrant shade of green (that is not at all gaudy) and offers simple, subtle contours, two defined tips and a velvety smooth (and seamless!) 100% silicone finish I can’t seem to get enough of.  Velvety soft silicone has a bad habit of clinging to skin, but this silicone almost seems like a hybrid between the velvety texture and the smooth silicone finish you see in Tantus products.  Because of this, lubrication is not necessary regardless of whether you are using Life (or any other toy in this collection) externally or internally. Sure, Life is marketed as a clitoral stimulator but who ever said you can’t get creative? Note: If you do plan on using it with your favourite lubricant please stick with water-based, because silicone lube will permanently damage it!

Life’s shape is another step in the right direction.  The defined tips, wide middle and wavy, leaf-like shape will offer you lots of time to experiment with the toys many curves and contours.  The wavy shape is ergonomically designed for clitoral stimulation and rests comfortably against the vagina.  The defined tips are great for a more acute stimulation while the wide middle offers a more well-rounded stimulation.  Alternating between the two was fun and easy thanks to Life’s rounded exterior and, like I mentioned before, this toy could potentially be used internally specifically for the wide middle — although the length and girth of this toy might not add enough stimulation for everyone.

Texture and shape aren’t the only things going for this toy. Underneath Life’s silky smooth and shapely exterior   is a PowerBullet core which will, just like most PowerBullet-powered toys, offer you a wide range of vibrations — from affectionately gentle to compellingly strong.  These vibrations are neither deep or buzzy, instead lying somewhere in between the two but still offered  just the right sort of stimulation.

No one likes complicated controls and Leaf’s controls are made to be anything but.  I’m a big fan of push-and-hold multi-speed settings (perfect for pinpoint vibration intensities) and this collection offers just that, but with a few kinks. The procedure seems simple enough: push and hold down one button to whatever your preferred intensity and turn it off by pushing it once more.  Easy peasy.  But is it really that easy? Not quite.

First off, the button is so discreet I actually had a hard time finding it.  I feel a little dumb saying that but because the button is so discreet, seamless and only slightly raised it will take a little getting used to finding it.  After that small hurdle comes the button functionality.  I can’t decide whether this is about getting accustomed as well, but when you press the button it doesn’t actually feel like you’re pressing it all the way.  Every time I’ve used this toy I’ve felt this way, even though the vibrations kicked in accordingly.  Two small hurdles later, when I was done using Life, I had problems turning off the toy.  Now I legitimately felt like I wasn’t pushing the button hard enough because it wasn’t turning off as expected.  After fiddling around with it for a bit, I finally got it to shut off but I’m still not totally sure why it was so sensitive one moment and unresponsive the next.

Those are some pretty small hiccups considering the major mishaps some sex toys are burdened with, but it might still be something to take into consideration if you’re interested in purchasing Life or any other in the collection.  Life does costs $130, and the rest in the collection range from $120 to $140, so expect to spend a little extra.

This palm-sized toy’s battery life is pretty good and completely rechargeable. Once charged, Life will supply between 1.5 to 2 hours of vibration depending on the intensity.  And even when the battery life does runs out all you need to do is charge the lithium-polymer battery for about 2 hours (a light will identify when the charge is complete) and you’re good to go!

And if that weren’t enough, the Leaf collection does come with a 1-year warranty and 10-year guarantee so if you’re a fan of these lovely bonuses (if these sound familiar it’s because Lelo offers the same) that should offer you yet another reason to consider one of these toys.

Life definitely exceeded my expectations.  It may not be perfect with its button functionality but the size, shape, texture, vibration and rechargeable battery really did seal the deal.  The high cost might also be a problem for some but by spending a little more on sex toys you really do get substantially better quality.  I’m really looking forward to seeing more toys in this exciting new collection.

The Leaf collection consists of six styles (Fresh, Bloom, Touch, Vitality, Life, Spirit).  Which one do you want to try?

If my review hasn’t sealed the deal, check out this awesome commercial for the collection: 


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