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As far as sex toys are concerned, I’ve always made the assumption that internal vibration is better.  That seems to be a pretty popular statement among most people  (I’ve experienced my fair share working at Seduction, a sex store in downtown Toronto).  I’m not sure where I got the idea from in the first place, to be honest, but when I reflect back to that thought I can’t help but think about how wrong I was.  When I first got my hands on Luxotiq‘s double-ended glass dildo, Athena, I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect, but I couldn’t help but be curious.  It’s a good thing I took that chance.

As you can probably see in the picture, Athena is a gorgeous, assymetric double-ended dildo best suited for g-spot stimulation (by the way, that curve is to die for). There are two different colours available in this style (a baby pink and midnight blue), both exposing a sense of charming class.  The fact that Athena is also a glass dildo makes it that much more classy.  Glass dildos are distinct among sex toys because they don’t deteriorate, are non-porous, retain temperatures well, are easy to clean,  and (literally) last a lifetime. I remember opening up the equally classy baby pink Luxotiq box, thinking to myself about how the manufacturers clearly wanted to appear as aesthetically pleasing as they possibly could, almost in a romantic or sensual sense.  Glass dildos fit that vibe perfectly while also offering a whole range of sensations.

I can understand why some people might be a little apprehensive.  The fact that they are both hard and non-vibrating could be the breaking point for many but the pressure-based stimulation you get from a toy like this is actually very similar to what sex actually feels like.  Glass may lack that fleshy element, but what it does offer is pinpoint pressure in all the right places.

While both ends of Athena are extremely stimulating, I felt as though the smaller bulbous tip did a better job of hitting my g-spot compared to the other, larger end.  I would have thought otherwise considering how the larger end would potentially cover more area and be more likely to hit the zone, but I guess the smaller end was simply more pinpoint.  With that being the case, the larger end also makes for a better handle to stroke with (more mass equals more control over the movement and positioning).  Positioning in mind, Athena’s curve makes it very easy to achieve just the right angle for stimulation; just rock the dildo back and forth while stroking.

Athena isn’t just for internal stimulation either.  I’ve always preferred pressure-based external stimulation over the light, tickling sensation you get from most external vibrators, and Athena achieves that in some impressive ways.  Don’t get me wrong, external vibrations can sometimes be just as stimulating but in terms of using a dildo for that stimulation it works very well.

In terms of the glass exterior, it’s made of smooth, seamless and durable pyrex glass so it’s not nearly as fragile as regular glass.  When I received Athena in the mail it was freezing cold after being on the shipping truck for so long; however, after a few seconds under a warm tap it warmed up to the perfect temperature.  That said, you could easily heat or cool the Athena to whatever temperature and have it retain that temperature for a surprisingly long time.  I tried cooling down the toy a few times and while it did eventually warm up to my body temperature it did offer a stimulating cool sensation for more than a few minutes.  These temperature changes are a great way to add a little bit more variety in your stimulation, I definitely recommend trying it at least once just to see what it feels like.

The Luxotiq Athena was a such a nice surprise.  Not only did it offer me a variety of stimulating sensations, but it also proved that vibration isn’t really better, it’s just a different feeling. As far as internal vibrations are concerned, I personally prefer pressure-based stimulation and I would have never known that had I not gotten the Athena.  Everyone’s a little different so there might be some people who will still prefer their internal vibrations, but you never know unless you try.

You can purchase Luxotiq’s Athena at the lovely online retailer, EdenFantasys.  While Athena is currently sold out, they’re really prompt in terms of restocking merchandise.  If you’re interested in purchasing Athena in either blue or pink you can find it on EF’s product page. I hope you enjoyed this EdenFantasys sponsored post.  Thanks EF for helping me get this awesome toy.

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