Nexus Revo 2 Review

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Even as taboo as the subject of prostate massage is, it’s becoming more and more popular with men and couples alike, be it to spice up a stale sex life alone or with someone else. One thing is for sure, many adult toy manufactures have taken notice and are starting to release some very innovative products. I previously did a review on the Euphoria Enhanced Prostate massager, which functions in the same manner as the Aneros line of toys. They are based on a movement created by the users own muscles contractions, which in turn forces the toy to rock and its this rocking motion that makes the toy stimulate the prostate. Trust me, it works really well. Now the natural progression of these toys would be to add things like vibration and extra stimulatory aides. The people at Nexus have heard this call for better and more innovative prostate massagers, and have already improved upon their first design to help give men a more intense prostate massage.

The Nexus Revo 2 is the second toy in the Revo line, but does much more than simply share the same basic design. Revo 2 made of the same materials: a 100% silicone shaft and an ABS plastic base.  It also shares the same dimensions: 145.5mm height with 100.6mm insertable length, a 126.5mm base width and it’s thickest point in the shaft is 31.7mm (which felt a lot thicker). Now here’s where the differences start. First off, Nexus upgraded from the 2 x AA batteries to a standard USB charger, which when fully charged can last for up to 4 hours for your prostate massaging goodness. Next they have up graded the main feature on the Revo 2, the rotating head, now rotating at 2 separate speeds. The new rotation speeds combined with the vibration settings on the perineum stimulator make up the 6 different settings for the ultimate prostate massage. The Nexus Revo 2 also comes with very nice carrying case as well.

Now I very much enjoyed learning about prostate massages using the Euphoria Enhanced. It was a great start and was a good way to ease myself into the amazing world of prostate stimulation. When I was asked to review the Revo 2, I jumped at the chance, thinking it would be a great step up and result in even better prostate related fun. What I was not prepared for, on the other hand, was the step up in not only the size of the toy, but also the intense stimulation the toy would provide. Each time I’ve tried using the toy I’ve barely made it to the faster rotation speed before reaching climax. It is very intense to say the least.  Like using any toy anally, you want to be nice and relaxed, squeaky clean and have a good supply of water-based lube (applied liberally to not only the toy, but also to the anus).  The most important part is to take your time. With a toy like this, taking your times only makes the whole experience that much better.

Overall the Nexus Revo 2 is a very high quality toy, made from great materials and designed with great attention to detail. It certainly provides the user with an experience that will be hard to beat for prostate related toys. Its $170 price point may be a bit steep, but it’s totally worth it.


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